If you’re like us, you enjoy style and sophistication in your life. But it doesn’t have to stop at fashion or furnishings for your home. Now you can dress your gifts with gift wrapping that is sure to impress any family member, friend or colleague. No matter if it’s for a kids birthday or a special anniversary gift, Nice Package has a wide range of gift wrapping paper online to cover any occasion.

Nice Package is proudly Australian owned and operated, but loved and used by people all over the globe. Our designer gift wrap paper is created by talented pattern artists sourced from around the world, and therefore is completely unique and often not found anywhere else. The elegant gift wrap designs are printed on premium gift wrapping paper which is thicker than most and uses a luxurious matte finish to make it really special. Coupled with the gift wrap is the finest quality gift wrap ribbon and gift tags, perfectly coordinated to ensure your gift creates the ‘wow’ factor.

Whether you’re searching for those special occasion themes like wedding gift wrapping, baby shower gift wrapping or new baby wrapping paper, christmas wrapping paper, birthday wrap or even printable gift wrap, Nice Package helps you create gorgeous-looking gifts every time with easy to use and neat to store gift wrapping kits. All our products are extensively tested to ensure you are a proud gift giver and the person receiving it is just as thrilled when they see it!

About Nice Package

The place where we #GiveHappy at every occasion using gift wrap kits to truly impress!

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